What we do...

  • Analyze Your Existing Waste And Recycling Programs
  • Identify Inefficiencies And Overcharges
  • Increase Recycling Efforts
  • Renegotiate More Favorable Contracts
  • Audit Monthly Invoices
  • Keep Your Waste And Recycling Costs Low
  • Save You Time
  • Save You Money

Waste Consulting...

Our Waste Consulting service is designed to help businesses reduce their waste and recycling costs. Simply put we analyze your current waste and recycling programs to see if we can improve upon them. We conduct a “free” audit and come up with recommendations on how you can reduce your waste and recycling costs. It’s then up to you to approve our recommendations and upon your approval we handle the entire implementation of our recommendations. We then continue to monitor your waste and recycling invoices making sure that the savings we promised is actually being realized. Keep in mind that it’s always our goal to work with your existing waste and recycling vendors. As long as your company isn’t spending more than it has to on waste and recycling services then we’ve done our job.

The bottom line is that if we don’t save you any money then there’s absolutely no cost for our service. How do we get paid? We simply share in the savings that we produce for you so there’s no additional cost for our services. If we’re able to save you money then you’re simply paying us with a portion of the money that you were already paying to your waste and recycling vendors. In other words, our service pays for itself!

When you’re focused on running your business, it’s difficult to keep track of every line item in your budget. Often times waste and recycling is one of the most overlooked items in any budget which is why it makes sense to outsource your waste and recycling service to us. We’ll help you manage every aspect of your waste and recycling services including your equipment, pick up frequencies, contract negotiations and expirations, and much more.

Hiring us does not mean another project for you to manage, but rather one less thing for you to worry about. At Innovative Cost Solutions we like to keep things simple which is why we make our Waste Consulting service clear cut and easy to use:

We begin by investing time with your company or organization to better understand its current operations. Our services do not require your personal attention; hiring us does not mean another project for you to manage, but rather one less thing to worry about. Innovative Cost Solutions has a simple, clear and consistent process:


You must first review and sign our agreement which says that you want us to conduct a free audit of your current waste and recycling programs. It also says that you agree to split any savings with us if we’re able to reduce your waste and recycling costs

Gather Information

The only thing that we really need you to do is provide us with copies of your most recent waste and recycling invoices. Any additional information (waste contracts, container sizes, pick up frequencies, etc.) that you can provide us with will only help us as we go about the process.


Once we have all of the information that we need we’ll start to analyze your current waste and recycling services. This often includes conducting a site survey at your location(s) to better understand your waste and recycling services. Otherwise most our work is done behind the scenes.


Once we’ve gotten our hands around what you’re currently doing we’ll apply our expertise of the latest industry technologies, transportation systems, disposal alternatives and commodity pricing to develop a set of recommendations designed to reduce your waste and recycling costs.


Upon your approval of our recommendations we’ll work with your waste and recycling vendors to implement all of our approved recommendations. There’s no work necessary on your part. We’ll handle everything!

Ongoing Management

Once our recommendations have been implemented we’ll continue to monitor your invoices on a monthly basis making sure that the savings we promised is actually being realized. In addition to monitoring your invoices we’ll also try to fight off any unjustified rate increases or billing errors and we’ll also act as one point of contact for all of your waste and recycling needs. Let us manage your waste. You manage your business.

Waste Consulting

We save you money on waste and recycling, or we don’t charge. It’s that simple. More


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